Plumbing Questions Longwood FL : How Does Your Water Heater Work

How does your Longwood Florida water heater work? Most people don’t realize how they get hot water. They just know it comes from the big tank in the garage. Here’s some information on how your water heater works. First, lets talk about the inlet and outlet of your water heater. The line on the right side of the water heater is the cold inlet and this brings the water into the tank.

Your hot water heater valve is always on the cold side and if you ever have a leak, this is where you shut it off. But it will only shut down the hot water to your house. Now when it enters the tank there is a tube that carries the water to the bottom of the tank and this is called the dip tube. The water goes to the bottom because as you are using the hot water it is drawing the water from the top of the tank as heat rises. Inside the tank you have elements which heat the water and thermostats which control the temperature in your water heater.

If you are taking a shower and you’re using hot water the upper element will do most of the work because you are pulling the water from the top of the tank therefore it will try to keep up by heating the top. If you are running out of hot water quick it is most likely an element, and if you get really hot water and then no hot water at all it usually is a thermostat. That is the basics of a hot water heater. If you have any questions about your Longwood water heater please give Drain Genie Plumbing a call at (407) 710-0210.

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