Plumbing Questions : Landscaping And Sewer Repairs

Plumbing is a very essential part of your home. It carries water into your home and also carries waste water away from your home. We have seen many issues lately with drains because of poorly placed landscaping. Before you or your landscaper plant trees, think about your plumbing and the cost of major sewer repairs. Last week, for example, in an older community in Orlando, a customer had a tree that was next to the sewer. Over the years it grew around the sewer with 24″ diameter roots and crushed it. It took two guys two days just to get their drain line partially fixed. They had to use chainsaws to get through the roots. This is just one case of poorly planted landscaping and it does not just effect sewer lines. This past weekend another customer had a broken irrigation main. This was due to poorly placed landscaping  the tree was planted right on top of the irrigation line. This caused the line to crack and took hours to repair. Once you plant a tree and allow it to grow for years, it can cause minor plumbing repairs to become major repairs. If you like having water and being able to flush your toilets, you better think twice on where you plant your trees. Sometimes having a pretty yard is not worth it if years down the road you can’t use your bathroom. Below is a picture of what roots can do to a pipe. Once tree roots penetrate the pipe they will fill the pipe and cause your drains to back up. If you need sewer repairs or sewer replacement call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

In Need Of Sewer Repairs

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