Plumbing Question Sanford FL: Plumbing Valves

Most people located in Sanford FL wait until there is a plumbing emergency to find their main water shut off.  It’s not a good idea to be unfamiliar with the location of your shut off valve. The staff of Drain Genie Plumbing suggest having a plan of action. Every responsible home owner should find their shut off valves. It’s not only for your whole house but also for the water heater, bathroom sinks, kitchen sink and toilets.

It’s beneficial to know where the shut-off valve is because when a plumbing emergency happens, you are often panicked and if you know exactly where your valve is, you can cut down on the time of the water flowing into your house. But it does not stop there just because you have found the valve. You should make sure they operate and shut down all the way completely. Their is nothing worse than having a water leak and going to shut off the valve and it does not work. We suggest going to each fixture and trying to shut down the water. If the valves don’t work we suggest hiring a Sanford plumber to install new valves. It is a lot cheaper to replace your plumbing valves if they don’t work then to find out in a plumbing emergency that they don’t work and your house gets flooded.

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