Plumbing Problems Orlando FL: Rocking Or Leaking Toilet

Have you ever had a toilet that moves or leaks at the base of the toilet? There is nothing more annoying than when you sit on your toilet and it moves most of the time. The customer thinks all the toilet needs is to be tightened up, usually that is not the case over time. If your Orlando Plumber over tightened the bolts, they usually break the flange. The flange is the part of your plumbing system where the toilet is bolted down to your plumbing system. If the flange is broken during installation and then grouted, you won’t notice the problem for months or even years. The proper way to fix this is to pull the toilet and cut and chip out the broken flange. Then reset the toilet and grout it. This procedure will solve your rocking toilet issues.

There is a repair kit to fix the toilets flange, but we at Drain Genie Plumbing don’t suggest fixing it this way because they tend to pop off over time and give you the same issues your were having before. Fix it right the first time and it will last a lot longer if you have a rocking toilet in Orlando FL call us at 407-710-0210. 

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