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Plumbing leaks can occur in any part of your plumbing system. Most people that see water in there cabinets automatically think it is a broken pipe but most of the plumbing leaks in Casselberry are caused by poorly manufactured supply lines. Supply lines carry water from the angle valve under your sink to the faucet and are usually poly or plastic based. This plumbing leak can sometimes be handled by a homeowner but sometimes small jobs like this can turn into plumbing disasters  and if the nuts are rusted that can snap and break and cause a bigger problem. Sometimes a small plumbing repair is best left up to a Casselberry plumber.

If you have a plumbing leak on a supply line there are many styles to choose from such as steel braided, Pex, poly, copper and braided. If you are spending the money to make a plumbing repair do not cut corners on the supply line many people think that all supply lines are the same but they are not. The ones we suggest are the steel braided ones not the plastic braided lines the plastic ones tend to have issues with bursting. If you want a less expensive supply line we suggest Pex supply lines because they are pretty good but you must use the proper ferrules or you will have a major plumbing leak. If you have a plumbing leak in Casselberry please give us a call at 407-710-0210. We would be glad to help you.


Supply Line
Supply Line


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