Plumbing Issues? Who’s Responsible City Or You?

Plumbing issues? Who’s responsible city or you? Having a plumbing issue can be very frustrating, and often times, they come up at the worst possible time: Either when money is tight or guests are over. Like anything, having a plumbing issue at any time is a bad time and a big inconvenience. So what happens when you have an issue outside your home? Such as water spraying out from the ground (Water Main Break) or the drains backing up and causing sewage to back flow into the showers and causing the toilets to overflow? Well, it all depends where the plumbing issue is.

For example, if you have a water main break, chances are very high it is going to be your responsibility, even if it is by the water meter. The only way the break would be a city of Orlando issue or any other city would be if the break is located behind the water meter, and most cities use a flexible water piping that very rarely fails.

If you have a sewer back up, it is a little bit harder to tell if it is a city issue or if you have to call an Orlando plumber to snake the drain out. If it is just isolated to a particular plumbing fixture, then it is more than likely your issue (such as a kitchen sink clog). If it is a clog that is affecting all your bathrooms, then chances are it is the main line that is clogged and it could be a city issue. It all depends on where the clog is located. If the clog is located by the sidewalk, depending on the city they may fix the issue. This is hard to isolate unless you have and know where your clean outs are located. Every home should have a clean-out 3 feet from the home, located usually on the side or front of the home. There should also be a clean-out located by the street. If you have these clean-outs, open the one by the street by unscrewing it. If sewage overflows from there, chances are it is a city issue; however, it depends on the city. Some cities require a licensed plumbing contractor to verify that it is on the city side. If you have an issue with your water main or sewer, call Drain Genie Plumbing Services in Orlando at 407-710-0210 in Sanford call 407-710-0210.

Plumbing Issue? Who's problem city or you
Plumbing Issue? Who’s problem city or you

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