Why Is My Toilet Flushing Poorly?

We had many Oviedo customers asking why is my toilet flushing poorly? There can be a few reasons for a toilet to flush poorly. The obvious is a clogged toilet or main line but there are other reasons also. There can’t be nothing more annoying and embarrassing than a poorly flushing toilet. You flush and then round and round the water goes and then slowly the water goes down leaving the solids.

Well there is a simple test that can tell you if you have a problem with the tank, upper tank and ports or if you have a blocked toilet or sewer main. It’s called the bucket test. You take a bucket of water and flush the toilet simultaneously dumping the bucket. Then if the water goes down that means the problem is in the tank or ports. If it does not go down then it is a clogged toilet or clogged main line and you will need to call an Oviedo plumber to clean your drain. If it is not then it’s most likely a clogged port hole and you can do the following: Take a small wire or nail and clean the ports on your toilet. These are located around the rim of your toilet and you may need to use a mirror to see them.

Also there is a main jet port usually at the bottom of the toilet that needs to be cleaned. After cleaning the ports hold the handle down on the toilet and pour vinegar in the tank this will dissolve hard water deposits. After that the toilet should flush as good as new. If it does not call an Oviedo plumber to check it out. If you need a toilet repair call us at (407) 710-0210 .

Why is my toilet flushing poorly?
Why is my toilet flushing poorly?

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