Oviedo Drain Cleaning Question, Why Does My Drain Keep Backing Up

Why does my drain keep backing up? We get that question a lot and the simple fact is that a continuous drain clog only happens for a few reasons and they are roots, broken line, bad installation, or flushing things down the toilet that should not be. The older your home the more chances there are for drain problems. Why is that? Well homes built in Oviedo or Florida from the early 70’s or earlier where installed with cast iron pipe. Cast iron pipe rusts from the inside out and scales. This scale build up creates a rough surface in the pipe which causes things to get caught and not move as freely as plastic drains do. Which brings us up to the number one reason for drain cleaning services in Oviedo and the Orlando area. Wipes, paper towels feminine products yes even the flushable ones they cause havoc on your plumbing system causing drain clogs and forcing you to call plumber in Oviedo to clean your drains. Why do these products cause issues if the are flushable how are they causing these problems. Well the difference between flushable wipes and regular are the thickness they still don’t dissolve or breakdown if you notice toilet paper desolves fairly quick where wipes do not. So when they are flushed they catch on the pipe and don’t dissolve and then they catch the next item and so on and so forth until the line is plugged and you are having to call an Oviedo plumber. The best thing is to just flush toilet paper and you should be good. If you need a plumber in Oviedo call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at (407) 710-0210 .


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