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Is your Orlando water heater set at the right temperature? Back in 1988 the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommended that all the major water heater manufacturers preset their heaters at 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent burns. Most all of the manufacturers made it a standard to have their water heaters set at 120 degrees. So why after 25 years there is still 1500 people having to go to local hospitals in the U.S.A and 100 people dying each year from burns caused by tap water. Well a recent study by John Hopkins University took 1000 water heaters in that community and found that the water heater setting was at an unsafe temperature in 41% of those homes and out of those 27% were set dangerously high.

I can tell you we install thousands of Orlando water heaters and most of the time the customers will say that the water is not hot enough for them and want us to adjust the temperature and our response is always no. Anything above 120 degrees is not safe and for lawsuit purposes we cannot adjust the temperature. Many customers say they will raise the temperature themselves after we leave that is why I as an Orlando plumber believe these stats are so high.

Customers don’t listen and until the water heater companies can design a thermostat that cannot be adjusted and stays at 120 degrees this will be an on going problem with the Orlando water heater and all around the country. It is really sad especially the families that have small children or taking care of their elderly parents because these folks are at risk for injury with the most severe burns or even death. So before you adjust your Orlando water heater temperature please keep in mind of your kids and don’t do it. If you have any questions about your Orlando water heater call us at 407-710-0210 we have no problem answering all of your water heater questions.



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