Tank Or Tankless Orlando Water Heater

There are many choices to make when your Orlando water heater goes out. You can stick with the standard tank type water heater or you can upgrade to a tankless water heater .There are good and bad things about each Orlando water heater so we will go over the differences of tank type water heaters and tankless and also the pros and cons. First we will start with tank water heaters:

  • Orlando Water Heater Tank Type :  Tank type water heater works by storing water in a steel tank ( 50 gallon water heater). It consists of two heating elements and two thermostats. The heater works by water coming into the tank on the cold side and traveling to the bottom of the tank through the dip tube. When you turn on your hot water you pull from the top of the tank and the heating elements turn on and then reheat the water.
  1. Cons are:  They use electric constantly to keep the water in the tank hot. Also they can get really nasty inside and hold bacteria. The tank type water heater also takes up a lot of space.
  2. Pros are:  They are fairly inexpensive to install they are also easy to fix and when they break down most Orlando plumbers carry standard water heater parts on their truck and parts are very accessible.
  • Orlando Water Heater Tankless : Tankless water heaters are considered on demand or when you turn on your hot water the elements in the water heater are activated by a flow switch and heats the water up instantly. They usually work on rise factor, for instance if you live in Orlando Florida and your water temperature coming into your home is 70 degrees they usually work on a 30 or 40 degree rise so it would increase the temp to 1oo -110 degrees.
  1. Cons:  Tankless water heaters are more expensive and more costly to install. For instance an electric tankless usually works off two 40 or 80 amp breakers. Where a regular heater is 30 amps, so you would need to hire an electrician. Also Orlando has very hard water and if you don’t have a water softener then hard water deposits can build up and reduce the flow of your hot water. The tankless units work off tiny heat exchanges they almost look like a mini radiator and the small diameter of the pipe can clog with hard water causing you to have to call an Orlando plumber to perform a flush service. Also when the unit breaks down most Orlando plumbers don’t have the parts on their van causing more hot water down time.
  2. Pros:  The Orlando tankless heater is fairly inexpensive to run since they are only using power when you are using them. They also take up very little room. Some tankless heaters carry rebates .

Overall it is up to you, the Orlando consumer may choose the Orlando Water heater that works best for your situation. If you need a water heater installed call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.

Orlando Water Heater Tank Or Tankless
Orlando Water Heater Tank Or Tankless

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