Our Video and Camera Sewer Inspections in Florida

We are pleased to announce to Orlando and Florida that Drain Genie Plumbing Services now does video/camera sewer inspections. Many customers don’t know what a video/camera sewer inspection is for and we are going to explain why you would eventually need this service. Drain cleaning is an everyday thing at Drain Genie Plumbing Services and 90% of the drain calls are caused by either roots or collapsed lines or bellies in the sewer line. What tends to happen is that the Orlando plumber goes out on a drain cleaning call, clears the stoppage and pulls back roots. Well roots in a sewer line mean one thing and that means the sewer line is breached (broken).

Anytime there are roots in the line, the permanent way to fix the problem is to find the break and dig it up and repair the sewer line. The best way to do this is to camera the sewer line or video inspect the line. This is done by sending a special cable that has a camera on it. It attaches to a video monitor and can see everything in your sewer line. Once you see the root intrusion, belly or collapsed sewer line the plumber then uses a locator that finds the camera head which in return locates the problem area for the plumber to make the necessary plumbing repairs. Most Orlando plumbing companies don’t have this tool.

This is a special and great service that we now provide to all our customers. It saves time on diagnosing your plumbing problem and damage to the area that needs to be dug up. By doing a video inspection on a problem sewer line it will save you money in the long run because your sewer will be fixed permanently and you will not have a recurring problem costing you more money. If you are having constant drain clogs, it is a good idea to camera your sewer line. Please give us a call at 407-490-1230 if you need an Orlando plumber that can permanently fix your drain issues.


Orlando Sewer Line Video inspection
Orlando Sewer Line Video inspection

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