Orlando Tub And Shower Problems….

Tub and showers are very complex in your home. There are possibilities of plumbing leaks at several places. Our Orlando plumbers will locate the leak and then make the necessary plumbing repairs.

Locating a plumbing leak is sometimes easy. Other times it can be difficult, depending on the construction of your Orlando home.

Repairing the plumbing leak usually will require replacing parts or plumbing fixtures such as: Tub spout, waste & overflow, tub drain, tub spout, shower arm, or shower head. The plumbers at Drain Genie Services can handle all of these plumbing repairs 24/7.


Bath Tub
Bath Tub


Why Tub Doesn’t Hold Water

The trip lever tub drains with plungers or pop ups they tend to collect debris and are difficult to maintain and adjust. They are prone to leak.

The best way to solve this plumbing problem is to have a plumber replace it with a Lift and Turn assembly. This type of unit is plumbing maintenance free and never needs adjusting. If you have any plumbing repairs in Orlando Fl call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210

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