Orlando Toilet Repairs

Toilets we use them everyday so when they act up and we are not able to use them it is a big plumbing emergency. A lot of toilet emergencies can be prevented by having an Orlando plumber make minor repairs before they turn in to major toilet repairs. A lot of people put off minor repairs and then they turn major. So what is the main examples of toilet repairs that most Orlando plumbers come across we will start with the most common toilet repairs.

1. Toilet Keeps Running:   This is the number one toilet repair that our plumbers handle. What is the cause of the plumbing problem? Well usually it is a bad flapper or fill valve. The flapper should be completely flat not warped or curved. If it is warped it will allow water to seep through causing your toilet to run constantly. The fill valve is what fills the toilet with water it has a float on it that moves up and down. Up is off when the float moves down it fills. Sometimes the float breaks and prevents the water from shutting down all the way.

2. My Toilet Is Clogged:  A clogged toilet is caused by many things. It can be from too much paper, foreign objects, or even hard water build up. If your toilet is not flushing due to foreign objects or paper you will have to call a plumber in Orlando to clear. Don’t use drain cleaners it will not work. If your toilet has a sluggish flush it may be due to calcium build up in the flush ports. This can be manually cleaned out or in worst case situations replacing the toilet.

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