3 Reasons You Should Replace the Main Water Line

We often take for granted our continuous availability of clean fresh water in our Orlando homes, so when you have a leak in your main water line that feeds your home it is a major inconvenience and you are often in a panic to find a Orlando plumber to repair your water main so you can have water running to your home for your daily needs. So when is it good to repair or replace your water main in your home. Here are some reasons to replace your water main:

  1. Copper pipe: If your water main is piped in copper you should think about replacement because you will have constant plumbing leaks on the water main and constant repairs will cost more in the long run than to just replace the main water line.
  2. Galvanized pipe: This pipe is known for rusting from the inside out it can cause very low water pressure and repairs on this pipe are difficult to perform.
  3. Location of piping: If your water main is located under a tree or under heavy shrubbery you should think about replacement or partial replacement of your water main.

If your water main is PVC and is not under a tree or heavy vegetation then you should be fine with a repair. If you have a broken water main and need a repair or replacement then give us a call at 407-490-1230

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