Orlando Sewer Problem, Maybe Time To Repair Or Replace

There is nothing more stressful then a sewer line that is constantly causing problems clogging. Many times our customers stress when the problem is not actually that bad. For example it your shower, tub or kitchen are draining slow chances are its only clogged in that particular branch. Not a big deal usually it is caused by hair, grease or soap scum build up. If you are hearing bubbling in toilets and tubs/showers and toilets are draining slow chances are you have a bigger sewer problem and should call a Orlando plumber to take a look. So what are some of the issues we run into most of the time a mainline clog is just foreign objects in the line that need to be snaked out. There are however other scenarios such as a broken drain line allowing roots to enter the pipe. Also if your house is older (70’s and older) chances are your mainline is either orangburg ( Tar Paper Pipe) or Terra-Cotta ( Clay-Pipe). These pipes are known for failing and allowing root penetration into pipe. Orangeburg pipe tends to get soft and warp causing the pipe to hold waste and clog. It also warps so bad at times it can completely close causing a complete backup your plumber will not be able too snake through. Terra-Cotta has issues with the joints ( Where the pipe is joined together) allowing roots to enter the plumbing system and cause complete backups. The only way to fix these issues is complete sewer replacement which involves replacing the pipe from the house to the city tie-in which is usually close to the sidewalk. This is the only way you can prevent the issue from happening on a regular basis. If your home is newer late 70’s and newer chances are you have PVC pipe. As long as the whole system was not installed incorrectly chances are a constant back up issue is being cause by a minor root intrusion. This is usually caused by a bad glue joint or someone hitting the sewer with something making a hole in the line allowing roots to enter the line. Most of the time on newer homes the issue can be located with a camera and a minor repair is all it takes. If you need a sewer line looked at and repaired or replaced call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-710-0210.




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