Orlando Repipes And Why We Don’t Use Copper Pipe

Orlando repipes and why we don’t use copper pipes. We at Drain Genie Plumbing do quite a bit of repipes in the Orlando Area. We get a lot of questions from our customers. One question we get a lot is why we do not use copper pipe to repipe in Orlando. Well, there are quite a few reasons. The first reason is it just does not last. The majority of our repipes are caused by copper pipe failure. Copper pipe failure can happen anywhere in the piping system (in wall or under the slab). It usually starts with a small stream of water spraying through a hole and the hole will get bigger and bigger the longer the leak is active.  The next reason is cost and labor. The cost for copper pipe and fittings is very expensive.  Copper comes in three thicknesses…M, L and K. M type copper is the thinest and cheapest, L is thicker and a little more expensive and K is the thickest and most expensive. The cost can be double or triple just in parts compared to PEX or CPVC.  And, being that it does not last, it will cause you more problems down the road. Copper is also harder to install in homes already constructed which increases the cost of labor. Copper is soldered, which requires heat and torches which makes this impossible to do in attics filled with insulation. It creates a safety hazard as most insulation is very flammable. Those are the main reasons copper piping is not used in Florida. It just does not last and is very expensive to install. Most Orlando plumbers use PEX or CPVC to repipe as both are much better than copper.  We prefer PEX. It is easy to install and less expensive than copper and has a great warranty. If you are looking to repipe call Drain Genie Plumbing Services in Orlando at 407-710-0210 or in Sanford at 407-710-0210.



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