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We all know about the contaminants in our Orlando FL drinking water and some of us are so concerned we install water softeners, house filters and reverse osmosis systems to protect our families from harmful contaminants. A lot of Orlando homeowners probably thought lead is an old solved issue and that no one uses lead anymore. We know the hazards of lead and people think that they live in a newer home and think lead is an older home issue and that new homes don’t have lead. That concept wrong. While lead is less abundant in the Orlando plumbing system it is still there.

Did you know that anything that is made of brass contains lead? Brass is usually found in faucets, shower valves and shutoff valves. The federal government is cracking down on lead in our domestic water plumbing systems. They put a law in effect in 2011 and every plumbing part manufactured shall be considered lead free by January 2014. The new products cannot have more then .25% lead by weight. Many plumbing suppliers are already starting to supply lead free parts to local Orlando Plumbers and the new products consist of plumbing parts that are made of stainless steel, plastic or a lead free brass.

Now while this law goes into effect it only covers potable water (drinking water) and it still allows lead to be used in drainage in the Orlando plumbing system. The only problem is that lead is cheap and stainless steel and the new lead free brass is more expensive. Plumbing parts will go up in cost for you the consumer but it is a small price to pay for the safety of the public drinking water. If you need a plumber in Orlando call Drain Genie at 407-490-1230. We are Orlando Florida’s #1 plumbing company.

Lead Free Orlando Plumbing
Lead Free Orlando Plumbing

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