Orlando Plumbing: Water Heater Repair

There are many problems you can experience with your water heater in Orlando FL such as leaking and not heating. But most people don’t think of low water pressure as a water heater repair issue but it is. If you have low water pressure on your hot side of your faucets and showers you may have a water heater with a defective dip tube.

What is a dip tube? A dip tube is inside your water heater on the cold inlet side. The dip tube is a tube that brings the cold water to the bottom of the tank to heat up. You would want the cold water at the bottom for two reasons, the first is the hot water rises and cold sinks so as the water is heated it naturally goes to the top.The second is when you turn on the hot water and it draws from the top of the water heater, so if the cold water dumped into the tank on the top it would mix with the hot water and you would not get hot hot water.

When a dip tube fails it will dissolve in the water heater and send pieces of the dip tube through the house causing your hot water to have low pressure because the dip tube pieces are clogging the faucets. You can fix this problem with your Orlando Plumber performing a water heater repair and replacing the dip tube and draining the water heater.

We at Drain Genie Plumbing suggest if it is an old heater that you just replace it with a new water heater as old water heaters may clog at the boiler drain and cause the water heater repair to cost more. If you need a water heater repair in Orlando call us at 407-710-0210.

Water Heater Repair

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