Orlando Plumbing Tips: How Old Is Your Orlando Water Heater

We get a lot of water heater repair and replacements in Orlando Florida and most people do not know the age of their Orlando water heater and this is a must because depending on the age of the water heater you may find it better to replace the water heater rather than repair it. Here is how you determine the age of your water heater.  First find the sticker with the serial number and the model number, this is usually in the lower section of the water heater just above the lower access for the thermostat and element. This is not however, the yellow energy rating sticker. If you found this sticker that is not the right one. Once you located the tag with the serial number you can now decode it. If you look at the serial number, the year and month it was made is encoded in the serial number and it varies from manufacturer where they put their years. For example A.O Smith puts the year as the first two numbers and the month it was manufactured as the next two numbers. While Bradford White makes it a little more confusing where they use letters. Where the first letter is the year and the second is the month, then you would have to look up what letter represents what month. Here is a handy link that helps you decode your water heater. If you need an Orlando Plumber to install or repair your  water heater in Orlando call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-710-0210.

Orlando Water Heater
Water heater tag

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