Orlando Plumbing Tips: Garbage Disposal And Clogged Drains

Is your kitchen sink clogged and your garbage disposal not working in your Orlando FL home? Well most people do not know that if their garbage disposal is not functioning for a long period of time it will clog. We have had a lot of calls lately where the customer says their sink is clogged and when the plumber goes out they discover that the garbage disposal has not worked for sometime. What happens is if the disposal is not working, no matter how much you try not to get food or debris in that side of the sink things still get down their and that will clog it overtime.

Also, overtime slime builds up over the ports in the garbage disposal causing it to back up. So if your disposal is not working call an Orlando plumber to fix it. It may be a minor plumbing repair and just need to be un-jammed but the longer you wait to call a plumber and the longer it is jammed the garbage disposal will rust together and force you to either replace the garbage disposal or remove it and pipe it without the disposal. Both will cost about the same amount of money so it is best to call a plumber when you first have garbage disposal problems. If you need a garbage disposal replaced or repaired call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-710-0210.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

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