Orlando Plumbing Tips: DIY Plumbing Repairs

We have all done something around our Orlando Florida home ( DIY projects ) that sometimes goes wrong. Here is one plumbing tip for the DIY type of people to help on your next set of plumbing repairs. When doing plumbing repairs there are many types of ways and material to fix a plumbing problem. We will go over the different types of glues and pipe you cannot use such as certain glues with certain pipe. Lets start with PVC to glue PVC, there are two types of glues that can be used, clear PVC glue and cleaner or the best glue around for PVC is Rain R Shine. It works even if you have water still coming through the pipe which clear glue does not. PVC is white in color and is used for outside plumbing not to be used for hot water.

The next type of pipe that most people use to make plumbing repairs in Orlando FL is CPVC. The best glue to use for this is Flow Guard gold which is a one step glue andyou cannot do a plumbing repair with CPVC and use PVC glue they are two different pipes. If you attempt to make plumbing repairs to your home and need an Orlando plumber we are here for emergency plumbing 24/7. Call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-710-0210.

PVC and CPVC glue for plumbing repairs

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