Orlando Plumbing: Shower Clogs

Have you ever took a shower in your Orlando FL home and noticed yourself standing in water. Many people will wonder what’s clogging their shower and will attempt to fix the shower clogs themselves. They take the shower strainer off and try to pull out hair but it still does not drain properly. There is more than just hair that clogs your shower drain most people do not realize this but soap and soap scum is very damaging to your Orlando plumbing and while hair is surely the main culprit, soap and soap scum are right up their with hair that causes shower clogs. What happens soap and soap scum become hard and start to close off the pipe and hair begins to stick to the soap and soap scum. Then the next thing you know you’re calling an Orlando plumber to clean your shower drain.

If you try drain cleaners they usually don’t work in many cases as they will make the soap and soap scum harder and more difficult for your plumber in Orlando to clear the line. There are ways to prevent the dreaded shower clog. The main way is to purchase a hair strainer from your local hardware store as this will prevent hair and large pieces of soap from getting into your shower drain. You must clean the strainer after each use and this should prevent your shower clogs. In the event you have a shower clog, in most cases it will need to be snaked to resolve the plumbing issue.

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Orlando Shower Drain
Orlando Shower Drain


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