Orlando Plumbing: Repipe Replacing Polybutylene

Does your Orlando home have polybutylene pipe? There are a lot of homes in Orlando Florida that have polybutylene piping. They may have been built with it or an Orlando Plumber may have replaced it when they performed a repipe. Either way this type of pipe had a class action lawsuit for being a bad product. They have a few styles; some have used plastic fittings and some use metal fittings. The ones with the plastic plumbing fittings are the worst to have in your Orlando home. They crack and blow apart but even the polybutylene with metal fittings fail. The pipe itself is very thin and tends to split and burst flooding your home. That is why when you purchase a home and try to get insurance they will not write the policy if you have polybutylene and will force you to repipe your home. Or if you have a policy and need to renew and they find out you have polybutylene they will make you repipe or will cancel your policy.

Overall we at Drain Genie Plumbing feel if you have polybutylene in your home it is best to have a qualified Orlando plumbing company replace it by doing a repipe. If you have a polybutylene plumbing system in your home it is a ticking time bomb. It is not a matter of if you will have a flood its a matter of when you will have a flood. That is why insurances will not write a policy for polybutylene.

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Polybutylene Plumbing

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