Orlando Plumbing Repair: Wall Leaks And Slab Leaks

Orlando is the city beautiful it is known for lakes, trees and of course Disney World but owning a home in the Orlando and Florida area has its downfalls. The main downfall is that we are on a bed of limestone and with vast amounts of aquifers indicates that our ground has a high water table which means that when houses are built they do not have basements like in other parts of the country. So instead of your plumbing being exposed and easier to fix the plumbing is under the slab and not accessible. This is a bad thing because most everything needs to be repaired at sometime and nothing lasts forever.

If you have a plumbing leak under the slab, your Orlando plumber would have to locate the leak and break a hole in your foundation or slab to get to the leak and perform the Orlando plumbing repair. This is called a “slab leak” not because the slab itself is leaking but because the plumber has to go through the slab to fix the plumbing. Many people think that a leak under the slab is only caused by pressurized water lines and that is not true in older Orlando Florida homes. The drains are cast iron and the drain has the potential to rust out and leak causing damage to your home. Wall leaks on the other hand are usually a lot easier to repair and locate for your plumber. Most of the time the customer hears a spraying sound and the wall is moist when the plumber opens the wall to make the Orlando plumbing repair. It is usually on a manifold and can usually be repaired a lot easier than a slab leak. Wall leaks can cause hidden water damage and mold growth so it is important to hire a plumbing company to repair it and let you know if mold remediation is necessary.

In Orlando FL our plumbing system is under a tremendous amount of stress and sometimes it is a better choice to repipe or replumb your home with Pex piping but don’t let a plumbing company pressure you into a repipe. They should explain your options and why they recommend a repipe and let you make the decision. If you have an Orlando plumbing repair or repipe and you need a plumber in Orlando call us at 407-490-1230. We are Orlando’s top plumbing company.


Orlando Plumbing Repair / Wall Leak
Orlando Plumbing Repair / Wall Leak

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