Orlando Plumbing Repair: Drain Cleaning

In your drain lines there are many things that can clog and the main reason is root penetration. Many people are surprised that roots can get into their plumbing system.  All it takes is one root and that one will multiply and expand like the roots in a plant pot causing a back up. They way the roots penetrate the pipe can vary. The first is landscaping where they place the trees in your Orlando homes yard. If the plant is right on the drain line or just to the side of the drain line the tree roots will grow and crush the pipe. The second is poor installation where the glue is not applied properly and the roots get in through the fitting. The final reason is damage to the pipe when installed by the plumber or when irrigation is installed. It only takes one nick in the line for a root to penetrate and cause a backup.

We at Drain Genie Plumbing have seen roots determined to get into your plumbing system even where they have grown through the concrete floor and back down the toilet flange which clogs the toilet. The best way to fix this is have your Orlando plumber dig up and repair the spot where the roots penetrated but you can get by for a while by having your drains cleaned and then adding a root killer in your line to slow the roots down.

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