The Damage Roots Can Cause To Your Plumbing

Roots are very damaging to your plumbing system. Many people think that roots are harmless this is not the case. Roots are very damaging and strong and they can lift up slabs of concrete. If trees are planted too close to your home it can destroy the foundation. When landscaping try to plant away from any water or sewer lines. This is very important unless you want the cost of an Orlando plumbing repair which can get rather expensive. If you cant stay away from all water lines at least avoid plating by the meter box. Many people try to make their yard nice by concealing the meter box. While it does conceal the box, in the future it will cause premature failure of your water line and depending on what kind of plant it is it can cause a pricy Orlando plumbing repair.

Over the years our Orlando Plumbers have seen trees planted on sewer mains, water mains, meter boxes and clean outs for sewer lines. Once these trees grow, the crush, the pipe and the roots grow around the plumbing causing it to be impossible to make a plumbing repair. Most of the time the line has to be rerouted around the tree. Roots also cause major problems in the sewer system once the roots get into a sewer and they feed off the waste and grow fast and eventually cause a nasty back up. Overall it is best to keep landscaping away from plumbing and especially water valves, meter boxes, and clean-outs for sewer lines. If you are cautious where you plant it can save to a lot of money on plumbing repairs. If you need a Orlando plumber call us at 407-490-1230.


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