Orlando Plumbing Problems Leaks Under Your Kitchen Sink?

Your home has thousands of spots that can leak on your plumbing system. The older the home, the higher the chance of plumbing leaks. One of the most common places to get plumbing leaks is under the kitchen sink.

In newer homes the main culprit is usually a bad disposal or a bad kitchen faucet. There are multiple things that can leak under a kitchen sink. Once your disposal is over 6 years old, the unit can start to leak from the base, causing water to pool at the bottom of the cabinet.

The next thing is your kitchen faucet; many times a bad seal at the base of the faucet will allow water to get between the faucet and the sink, causing water in the base of the cabinet. Also a bad faucet can cause water to drip through to the bottom of the cabinet and the faucet may need to be replacement.

Next is a bad shutoff valve or supply line. These leaks are best left to a orlando plumber to repair, because using the wrong parts can cause issues as well. In older homes from the early 70’s and under, the main reason for plumbing leaks under the kitchen sink are from the old P-traps that are made from brass. They are very thin and usually rust out from the base. They can cause a lot of water damage when the sink is in use. If you have water under your sink, the best thing to do is hire a plumber to locate the leak.

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Plumbing Leak Under Sink
Plumbing Leak Under Sink

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