How Pests Can Destroy Your Plumbing System

Orlando plumbing and pests there is a growing problem with pests destroying the plumbing systems in homes throughout the Florida area. We have all heard of snakes or frogs getting into our plumbing while these pests may be bothersome they won’t destroy your plumbing. The worst pest to cause damage to plumbing is the rat and mouse and the occasional raccoon but the rat is the most pesky because they will chew through wood. If your water lines are ran in the attic they will chew through the pipe to get water and our Orlando plumbers have seen them completely eat all the water piping causing water damage in the home affected.

Customers with rodent problems should not use poison as this makes them more prone to chewing on piping. They should call a qualified vermin removal service so they can find and seal the entry points to prevent them from getting in again. Our plumbers have seen the damage of rodents first hand. We have seen rats chew through pvc vent lines and use that for their entry points. If they are allowed they can cause thousands and thousands of dollars in damage to not only your home but your homes plumbing system. If you suspect rats in your home first call a vermin specialist to seal and get rid of the issue then call an Orlando plumber to check and make sure they did not chew any of your plumbing lines so you don’t have an unsuspected flood in your home. If you need a plumber give us a call at 407-710-0210.

Plumbing Damage From Rats
Plumbing Damage From Rats

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