6 Things a Plumbing Service Contract Should Cover

An Orlando plumbing service agreement is when you pay a yearly fee to a plumbing company and they come in once a year and do preventative maintenance. So if you pay an Orlando plumbing company what should you expect from them. Here are some things an Orlando plumbing maintenance agreement should cover:

  1. Water Heater – inspection and also a flush as this will remove sediment in the water heater.
  2. Main Shutoff Valve – will be inspected and make sure it is in working condition in case of a plumbing emergency.
  3. Hose bibs – check outside for any leakage.
  4. Toilets – will be inspected for proper working order and make sure you are not wasting water from a bad flapper.
  5. Sinks – your Orlando plumber should also check under all sink this includes the kitchen sink for any possible leaks in cabinet area.
  6. Showers – should also be inspected for drips.

Any plumbing repairs found are usually not covered under a plumbing maintenance agreement and would be an additional charge. Some people think the yearly fee includes the repair but your Orlando plumber should make this clear to you before you sign up for preventative maintenance programs. Some plumbing companies will offer a discounted plumbing repair service and give you priority plumbing service with a contract which means that if the plumbing company is busy they will put you at the front of the list. Overall you should check with your local plumber because an Orlando plumbing maintenance agreement is not for everyone. If you’re in need of plumbing service, please give us a call at 407-710-0210.

Orlando Plumbing Maintenance Agreement
Orlando Plumbing Maintenance Agreement

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