Orlando Plumbing Leaks: Leak At Meter

We have many calls from our Orlando residents saying the city has shut their water off and says they have a leak at their meter. Many customers think that the city is responsible for repairs done at the meter. This is completely false the city will make repairs only up to the water meter. Any Orlando plumbing leaks on the opposite side of the meter is the homeowners responsibility this includes the fitting on the meter closest to your home. Most plumbing leaks at the water meter occur at the male adaptor that threads into the water meter this can happen from multiple reasons. The most common reasons are roots pushing down on the pvc piping.

Another cause for Orlando plumbing leaks at the meter are people running over the meter box with cars or other heavy objects; the weight of the vehicle pushes the box down breaking the pipe. If you park on the grass be careful of the black rectagular box both yours and your neighbors we get a lot of people that run over their neighbors box and then they have to pay for the plumbing repair. If you notice water in your meter box call an Orlando plumber to check it out. Most of the time if there is water in the box their is a plumbing leak but there are some locations in Florida that have a high water table and it could be ground water. If you have a plumbing leak in Orlando give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-710-0210. We are also your local 24 hour Orlando plumber for your plumbing emergencies.

Orlando Plumbing Leaks
Orlando Plumbing Leaks

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