Orlando Plumbing: Installing A Kitchen Faucet

There are many “easy” plumbing repairs and when i say easy that is what the customer thinks before they start the repair. Many Orlando home owners will attempt what they feel is an easy plumbing repair. This is were they get in to trouble they see a video on you tube and the plumber makes it look simple of course they make it look simple they do it for a living that’s like having you watch a video on heart surgery and expecting you to preform it like a doctor. So lately we at Drain Genie Plumbing have seen customers try to install kitchen and bathroom faucets and when they get involved the see it is not so easy many kitchen sinks are very tight to work on you need special tools to remove the nuts that mount the faucet to the sink sometimes if the faucet has been leaking on to the nuts they will corrode and make things more difficult. Sometimes our plumbers have to saw off the faucet with a saw to remove it from the kitchen sink. Orlando plumbing can be very complex sometimes the water shutoffs will not shut the water down to your faucet so you sometimes have to shut the water down to the whole house. Very simply if you have no idea on how to install a faucet we suggest not to it can cost more money sometimes to do it your self if you break something and have to call an Orlando plumber to fix it. If you need a kitchen or bathroom faucet installed call us at 407-490-1230.

Kitchen Faucet


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