Orlando Plumbing: How Does The Water Come Out Of Your Pipes

Have you ever wondered how the water in your Orlando Florida home has the pressure to make it all the way from the city to your shower or faucet. Have you ever drove by those big round storage tanks in Orlando. I am sure some of you thought it was used to store water well. That is true to an extent what it is actually used for is to create the pressure in the water system. The height of the water tower and the the weight of the water creates the pressure to push the water to your Orlando plumbing system so if you live close to one of those water towers, your water pressure will be high. The further you live from the tower the less pressure you will have. Now what if you live in a highrise in Downtown Orlando? Well the water tower does not work once you are higher than the tower. That is why in high-rises there are pumps in the building called booster pumps that boost up the water pressure, so on the 22nd floor you will still have water pressure.

Some may think it’s better to live close to a tower pressure and that’s true but if your water pressure is above 60psi it puts a lot of stress on your plumbing system. It will create plumbing leaks and cause your toilets to malfunction and to fix this you would need to have your Orlando Plumber install a pressure reducing valve. This device has a screw on the top that you can dial in or out to reduce or increase water pressure. So that is how the water come out of your pipes. If you need a pressure reducing valve installed or any plumbing in Orlando call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-710-0210. We serve Orlando, Lake Mary and all of Florida.

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