Orlando Plumbing: History Of The Plumber

Happy Presidents day Orlando FL . We would like to would go over some history of plumbing. Orlando plumbing has been around awhile but how long has plumbing been around? Plumbing has been around since 4000 years ago which is about 1700 B.C. The Minoan palace of Knossos on the isle of Crete had massive plumbing systems that drained into sewers constructed of stone. In the 16th century Alexander Cumming invented the first flushing toilet. A lot of people think Thomas Crapper invented the toilet he did not, he actually perfected the toilet and made it popular. In early plumbing, the pipe was made of earthy materials it was not until later they started to use lead and the Romans perfected soldering and forming plumbing systems which is where the word plumbing came from (plumbus means lead).

Plumbing has changed a lot through the years and from lead pipe we turned to galvanized and from that we used copper now we use a lot of plastic pipe for both drainage and water pipe. But the plumber has saved humanity back in England there were many diseases from not having working plumbing. Imagine the world we live in with no working plumbing there would be diseases and unsanitary conditions. The plumber was looked down upon in many parts of the country but without the plumber our world would be a very dirty place and our life spans would be a lot shorter. That is why people need to start to appreciate the plumber and the work they do in our society.

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Old Roman Toilets
Old Roman Toilets


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