Orlando Plumbing: Bad Landscaping Design

Orlando Florida landscapers have been really designing some bad landscape that has been causing havoc on Orlando plumbing systems. We have been to many Orlando homes lately with major plumbing problems because of bad landscape design. We suggest that if you are building a new home in Orlando or Central Florida pay close attention to your plumbing and where they place trees. Make sure if you’re planting a tree they stay far away from the main water line and sewer line. We have also seen landscapers place trees right next to the water meter as this will cause major problems in the future for your Orlando plumbing. Also, if you have a septic system make sure they don’t plant trees in the drain field. What happens is the drain field is where your waste is dispersed through your yard and great fertilizer roots will grow clogging your drain field causing major plumbing repairs.

Planting trees too close to water mains or meters will cause roots to grow around water piping and causing them to break. If you plant trees next to your sewer line it will break your sewer line causing a back up and sewage to back up into your house. It is very important to watch and ask questions when installing landscaping to prevent major plumbing repairs and also the cost to get a tree removed once it grows is very expensive. Trees look great and are great but so is your Orlando plumbing system so watch where you plant your trees for your sake. If you need an Orlando plumber call 407-490-1230.

Orlando Plumbing
Orlando Plumbing


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