Orlando Plumbing: Backflow Preventers

What is a backflow preventer and how does it work in your Orlando Florida home or office? First off, most cities in Central FL require a backflow preventer in your irrigation main water feed and some require it on your potable water or house water. They are there to protect you and others from harmful contaminants in your Orlando plumbing system or back into the city water system. There are many types of backflow preventers. Some are big and bulky and some you don’t even notice like on your hose connections have you ever hooked up a hose and turned off the water to your Orlando home and had water leak from the hose bib well it is not leaking it is a vacuum breaker and it is designed to keep chemicals from your home or garden from getting sucked into your water system.

The other backflow devices are usually a Wilkins 975XL or a watts these devices have a 1st check 2nd check and a dump this device is designed to dump if water pressure drops on either side to prevent backflow of water into the city water system. If you have a backflow in Orlando Florida you are required to have it certified every year to make sure it is working properly by a backflow certified Orlando plumber. Even if you have to replace your backflow it is required to be tested. Backflows are an important part of your Orlando plumbing system and it is a requirement in most cities. If you need a backflow installed, tested or repaired give us a call at 407-710-0210. We are Orlando Florida’s #1 plumbing company.

Orlando Backflow Preventer
Orlando Backflow Preventer

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