How Plumbers Use Air Admittance Valves

It used to be that every bathroom and plumbing fixture needed its own vent through the roof by code. Then they made the air admittance valve (studor vent). This allowed Orlando plumbers to install a special fitting on the vent line usually under the sink. This eliminated the extra cost of pipe and labor of running it throug the roof. When these air admittance valves first came out they were limited in their use and many Orlando plumbing inspectors did not like them. They were mostly used for island sinks where venting was impossible to do and in bathroom sinks. Nowadays the studor vent is used everywhere and now allow it on every plumbing fixture except your laundry vent.

So how does an air admittance valve work? It works by allowing air into the drain system and this allows proper air flow to let your drains work properly. Without a vent your drains would gurgle and drain sluggish. The studor vent also does not allow sewer gases out so it only lets air in and not out. This little device has cut down the cost of labor and material saving the customer a lot of money. They are however overused so if you can put a traditional vent in it is best to do because the studor vent does not last forever and they do go bad and need replacement from time to time. If you have any plumbing questions give us a call at 407-710-0210.

Studor Vent
Studor Vent

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