Do You Have A Leaking Shower Pan?

Do you have a stand up shower stall in your Orlando Florida home? So many of our customers think that the shower is waterproof because of the tile but this is not the case. The grout is made of a concrete sand mix and the porous water can penetrate these grout lines.

The most important part of your shower is the pan. This is what actually seals the shower stall and prevents water from destroying your home. Having a leaking shower pan is very damaging and the reason is because once you see the damage it has often caused extensive damage to your studs and drywall. This is because a shower pan leak is so small that it takes years to build up ead work its way to a visible state.

So what causes a shower pan to leak? Age is one factor and some of the older shower pans contain lead. These can deteriorate over the years. But the biggest reason for shower pan failure is installation error. If your Orlando plumbing company installs the shower pan wrong this can cause it to fail very quickly. So how does a plumber install a shower pan wrong? Well here are a few of the top reasons for installation errors:

  1. When installing the shower pan the floor underneath the pan should be as clean as possible. Any pebble or large sand granule will create a hole over the years in the shower liner. This is the biggest reason for premature shower pan failure.
  2. Not folding the shower pan high enough.
  3. Putting the nails or screws too low on the pan.
  4. Not gluing the shower pan liner properly.
  5. Not testing the pan for leaks. If the pan is tested then any installation errors are found before tile is done and you are able to repair the pan.

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New Shower Pan Installation
New Shower Pan Installation

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