Orlando FL Plumbing Tips: Orlando Water Heater Rebates

Did you know that now is a good time to upgrade your Orlando water heater! There are many rebates on high efficiency water heaters OUC has a credit up to 650$ on hybrid water heaters. The 25C tax credits have been extended from 1/1/12 through 12/31/13. The water heaters that qualify include gas water heaters with an energy factor of .82 or higher or 90% or higher thermal efficiency therefore the tax credit is about $300.00. Hybrid water heaters may also qualify depending on the energy factor rating. The average savings on a hybrid water heater over the life of the water heater is about $900.00 The benefits of a new water heater are a much higher efficiency rate which will save you on your monthly Orlando electric bill.

The next benefit of installing a new water heater is the recovery rate which will be much faster. The recovery rate means how fast the hot water recovers so when everyone is taking a shower in the morning and the demand for hot water increases a hot water heater with a high recovery rate will be able to keep up with the demand of hot water. Now is the time to upgrade your Orlando water heater and save with the available rebates. Just make sure that you hire a licensed Orlando plumbing company to install your hot water heater. If you need a hot water heater installed call Drain Genie Plumbing at 407-490-1230.

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