Orlando Copper Repipe Replacement

There are many reasons why a repipe is necessary in Orlando Florida and we have already touched on polybutylene in past blogs. I would have to say copper piping is the #1 pipe that has to be replaced in Orlando and Florida. So why would you need an Orlando copper repipe replacement? There are quite a few, so lets start with the main reason:

  • Copper Pinhole Leaks: These are plumbing leaks that make you more than likely require you to have an Orlando copper repipe replacement.

Pinholes are the top reasons why you have to get a copper repipe/replacement but there are many reasons why Orlando has a problem with pinholes in copper pipe.

  1. Type M Copper:  This copper is the thinnest copper that you can buy. Many builders use this copper because it is also the cheapest. Just imagine if you had a community of 100 homes and you can save 100$ per house by using type M copper you would save 10,000$ just on using this material. The problem is that this pipe does not last. We have seen it fail in as little as 5 years and require the customer to have an Orlando copper repipe replacement.
  2. Poor Workmanship: This is another big cause for a copper repipe. When your house is being built the Orlando plumber installs your plumbing system and when he solders the pipe he uses a compound called flux this allows the soldier to run freely into the fitting. The problem is most Orlando plumbers are in a rush when building homes and they leave the flux on the pipe. Flux should be wiped off with a rag because it is very corrosive and if left on it can prematurely eat through the copper causing you to have to do an Orlando copper repipe replacement.
  3. Electrical Ground : Many of the older homes in Orlando have the main electrical panel grounded to your copper plumbing. We also live in the lightening capitol of the world and during lightening storms you can get pinhole leaks in your pipe. If your electric is grounded this way this will eventually cause you to have to have a copper repipe.

These are the top causes for leaks in copper piping in Orlando FL. Just because you have copper piping and get a leak does not mean you need an Orlando copper repipe replacement. Many times if you have a small inexpensive leak your Orlando plumbing company will pressure you into a repipe. When you are having multiple plumbing leaks or a slab leak this is when you should consider a re-piping of your home. If you need an Orlando copper repipe replacement call us for a free estimate at 407-710-0210. We are Orlando Florida’s #1 repipe company.

Orlando Copper Repipe Replacement
Orlando Copper Repipe Replacement

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