3 Ways to Prevent a Clogged Toilet

There are many ways a toilet can clog. Many  people use their toilet as a waste bucket by throwing just about everything down them. This fine if you want to call an Orlando plumber every week for your clogged toilet. But many people just don’t know what not to put into the toilet or even what to do to prevent foreign objects from accidentally getting flushed down the toilet. So the following is a list of what not to flush down your toilet.

What not to flush:

  • Wipes – flushable or not, it never should go down your toilet as they don’t break down like toilet paper.
  • Dental floss – it catches on the walls of the pipe making a net catching every debris causing a clog.
  • Feminine products – these products also do not break down and catch on the pipe walls.

Prevent the clogged toilet:

  • Many people store things over the toilet in cabinets or on the top of the toilet tank. This should not be done because we see it all the time. The stuff usually gets knocked into the toilet and flushed causing a plumbing nightmare.
  • Also if you are cleaning and dumping the bucket of water in the toilet, make sure to check that there are no rags in the bucket. We see people dumping the bucket in the toilet not knowing their is a rag in there. The force of the water will actually flush the rag down the toilet and end up clogging it.
  • If you have small kids, please talk to them about what not to flush down the toilet. About 80% of objects flushed down the toilet are from children.



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