Top 4 Bathtub Installation Options

There are many reasons why you may want to replace your bathtub in your Orlando home. Some will replace a bathtub just because is looks old and they want to freshen up their bathroom. Some have to replace their bathtub because it leaks and is corroded around the drain (which is most common in steel bathtubs), this means you have to replace your tub. Some people think a bathtub installation is simple and can be done on their own but this is far from the truth and should only be done by a quaffed Orlando plumbing company in order to be installed properly. A bathtub installation requires demolition, drain line work, and sometimes water line work. It also requires special tools and knowledge in the plumbing field. Many customers that attempt this type of plumbing project often end up calling a plumber to finish the job or worse they damage the tub or the plumbing system trying to save a few dollars. When planning a new bathtub installation there are a few options which is listed as the following:

  1. Steel with porcelain enamel: These bathtubs are the cheapest option and they are nice but chip very easily.
  2. Composite type bathtub: Such as the Americast tub made by American Standard. These tubs are a little more than steel and give you the look of cast iron tubs but are a lot lighter.
  3. Cast iron bathtub: These are the most expensive in cost and labor installation but last for years.
  4. Fiberglass bath tub: These are also a cheap option and they do resist chips but can crack.
Bathtub Installation
Bathtub Installation

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