One Stop Bathroom Remodeling Not The Best Choice.

There are many one stop bathroom remodeling companies they do it all demo which entails removing drywall old plumbing fixtures and busting floors open. They also do the plumbing electrical and finish work. Sounds great one call and they do it all but is it really the best way to do things? Not usually. We have had to go back on work done by one stop bathroom remodeling companies if they are not a licensed plumbing company they should not be doing plumbing alterations or electrical it takes years of work and school to have the skill to work on these types of things. We have had to rip out and redo plumbing that was installed wrong and vented wrong. The worst part is when you have everything back in order and find out your plumbing is not working right and that you have to open the walls up and redo work that you thought was done right. The best way to remodel your bathroom is hire the individual trades to do each job if that is too much for you to handle and coordinate on your own hire a general contractor. They will hire and schedule the trades so the remodel goes smooth. Hiring the wrong Orlando plumbing contractor for a bathroom remodel will cost you big time. If you are in need of a bathroom or kitchen remodel give Drain Genie Plumbing Services a call at 407-490-1230.

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