Older Homes and Drainage Issues In Orlando FL

There are many things that can go wrong with your plumbing especially the older homes in the Orlando, FL area. The older your home the more prone to plumbing problems and you should take care of your plumbing system and not use certain chemicals in your pipes such as any harsh drain cleaners. These products can cause major damage to your drainage system and cause expensive plumbing repairs.

If your home is newer and built in the late 70’s then chances are you have PVC pipes and the drain cleaner will not affect the plumbing system as much as on the older system. Many of our Orlando plumbers have seen major damage caused by drain cleaners in older homes. Many ask why this happens, and the reason is that the older homes main drains are installed with cast iron pipe. This pipe is coated with tar to protect it from rusting out but over many years the tar liner erodes away and exposes the pipe.

Over time the harsh chemicals and just the wear and tear of water moving through the line thins the pipe until the bottom of the pipe is gone. Drain cleaners speed up this process on your drainage system. On most older homes the branch arms for your sinks are installed with very thin copper and the same thing happens with these lines and eventually the bottom will thin out and you will get holes in the bottom of the pipe causing plumbing leaks in the wall. If you think you have a drainage issue in your older home give Drain Genie Pluming Services a call at 407-710-0210.


photo curtesy of http://www.trenchless-pipelining.com/miami-cured-place-pipe-company/
photo curtesy of http://www.trenchless-pipelining.com/miami-cured-place-pipe-company/

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