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There is a great new product out that helps save you money. Have you been getting high water bills from your Orlando/Lake Mary water company? Well, finally there is a product that helps consumers like you. It is called the H2O Mini Mizer. Did you know that your Orlando  water company charges you for air? That’s right air! As water works its way to your beautiful Orlando home it traps air and when it goes through your meter it adds volume so you are paying for air and water.

How the product works you have your Orlando/Lake Mary plumber install this device on the house side of your meter. This involves digging up in front of the meter and having your Orlando plumber cut into the pipe and install this device so when water is turned back on the H20 Mizer it compresses the air and forces it back into the city supply. So you are not charged for air just water.

I recently saw this product at my local plumbing supply house Ferguson and there was a rep from H2O Mini Mizer and he said that customers have seen 25% or more reduction off their water bill. This is a great product because all you need to do is install the product and your savings are huge. The part costs a little over $100 plus the plumbing install but the cost will definitely be made up by the savings. If you would like to install the H2O Mini Mizer call us at 407-710-0210.



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