My Shower Is Dripping What Does This Mean.

My shower is dripping what does this mean? We get calls all the time with people complaining that there tub spout or shower head drips and they think that replacing the head or spout will fix the problem. When this dripping occurs it is more than likely a cartridge issue. It is important to know what type of shower it is so your Orlando plumber can have the proper cartridge to repair the valve. Pulling a cartridge can look easy but it can actually be quite difficult and pulling it the wrong way can cause damage to the valve and cause you to have to replace it. There are some times that the shower valve would have to be replaced. It is very rare for a plumber to not be able to get a cartridge out but there are some cases that the cartridge is in very bad shape that it breaks off inside or is seized inside and does not come out. In these rare instances you would have to replace the valve. Also if you have a three handle shower valve and it is leaking you are better off having your Orlando plumber replace it with a single handle shower valve. The three handle valves can be hard to find parts for and in most cases just better to replace them. If you need a plumber in Orlando call Drain Genie Plumbing Services at 407-490-1230.


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