Maitland FL Plumbing: Drain Cleaning The Root Of The Problem

Maitland is a beautiful city located in Central Florida . Most of Maitland is under a gorgeous canopy of trees. But with this abundance of trees comes with some serious plumbing problems. If you are having a Maitland plumber out to perform a drain cleaning service often, it is important that you get to the root of the problem to solve the recurring plumbing issues. Your sewer is used a lot from taking a shower to using the toilet, even when you use the kitchen sink your main sewer is being used and is always under a tremendous amount of stress. The following are some examples of how your sewer main is under stress which can cause problems to your Maitland FL plumbing.

  1. Root penetration as mentioned in the beginning of this article that with a lot of trees comes a lot of plumbing problems. Roots are the number one cause for damage to the sewer line. Some trees have fast growing roots some have slow moving roots but bottom line is all trees are powerful and will eventually crack a sewer line and enter the pipe. This is the usual cause for and then need for a drain cleaning service.
  2. The next major cause for sewer damage is settling of the ground and this will lead to a problem because if the ground is not compacted well when the line is installed, the sewer line will eventually sag and create what is known as a belly in the line. This is a problem because that particular spot will always hold sewage and toilet paper causing a backup and then causing you to call a plumber in Maitland to clean the drain out. This is a problem that needs to be repaired or you will continue to have the cost of drain cleaning services.
  3. The third major cause is the age of the pipe some pipes like orange burg and terra-cotta are known for failing and if it does, you may have to replace your sewer main where piping like PVC can usually be repaired.
  4. The last type of problem is caused by utility work or construction as this is the least likely but it does happen. An example is when the city of Maitland is repairing a drain line and then damages the sewer. This issue is very rare but it does happen.

These are the main reasons for problems with your plumbing system without getting to the source of the problem you will continue to have the cost of preventive drain cleaning and will always have back up issues. If you need a plumber in Maitland call us at 407-710-0210. We are Maitland FL’s #1 plumbing company.


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Maitland Florida

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