Is Toilet Paper Causing Your Drain Clog?

Longwood/Orlando FL is your toilet paper causing your drain clog? Well we deal with drain clogs on a daily basis and most people think that a clogged drain is caused by roots or feminine products or baby wipes.  Yes, this is the top three reasons for drain clogs in the Longwood/Orlando Florida area but did you know that your toilet paper can be the issue? We have seen it first hand a customer has a drain clog and they have never had a problem with there drainage. So when we snake the line and pull nothing back then we ask have you recently changed toilet paper and most of the time the answer is yes. You see the single ply toilet paper is less likely to clog your drains once you flush the paper it starts to break down immediately which is a good thing but most people like the thick soft toilet paper and this is where you have a problem. You see it just does not break down fast enough and builds up in the line especially on older homes with cast iron piping which then creates a clog and then you are hit with the cost of calling a Longwood plumber to unclog it. Good Housekeeping did a article on this problem and rated the top 10 toilet papers that break down the fastest. If you have a drain clog and need drain cleaning service, please give us a call at (407) 710-0210.

Cause Of Persistent Drain Clogs
Cause Of Persistent Drain Clogs


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