Longwood Water Heater Repair

There is water all around your water heater but is it your water heater that needs to be replaced or a Longwood water heater repair. Many customers see water on the ground around their heater and think it is the hot water tank but many times it is not. It could be a bad expansion valve or temperature relief valve or many times it could be a plumbing leak in the wall or on the piping going to the water heater. Here are some things to look at to figure out if your heater needs to be replaced or repaired.

  1. Trace the temperature relief line on your water heater. It is located in the top middle of the tank or on the side of the water heater. Many times the pipe is terminated just above the floor and if it is dripping, chances are the valve is bad and needs to be replaced. If you don’t see the end of the pipe there it is usually terminated on the left or right side of your Longwood Florida home. If you notice it leaking call a Longwood plumber so they can repair your water heater.
  2. Many times on older homes in Longwood FL there are manifolds behind the water heater and many times the customer and even an inexperienced plumber will overlook a leaking pipe in the wall and think it is the water heater. I have personally heard many horror stories of a plumber installing a new water heater and getting called back because it was still leaking but when they returned they find it is a leaking plumbing pipe and now have to charge the customer with additional charges. If you notice a leak on your heater and checked the temperature relief valve as suggested in step one and it is dry, then you need to make sure you don’t have a wall leak. Most water heaters in the garage are not on the same level as your home. For instance, you have to step down to go into your garage and if this is the case the water heater probably is not in a pan. To test, you should rub your fingers where the drywall and concrete meet and if it is wet, chances are you have a wall leak and your heater does not have to be replaced. If your heater is in a pan and the pan is dry but there is water around the pan you may not need to replace your water heater.

Water heaters can leak from multiple places and many times you don’t need to replace your heater. You just need to make sure so you don’t waste your money on installing a new heater when all you needed was a Longwood water heater repair. If you need a plumber in Longwood give us a call at (407) 710-0210.

Longwood Water Heater Repair
Longwood Water Heater Repair


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