What Temperature Should You Set Your Water Heater?

Most people like hot water I mean really hot water but what temperature should Your Longwood water heater be set at.  Well the answer is 120 degrees. At this temperature you should have ample hot water and it is still safe enough not to burn you. Many customers think that by calling a Longwood plumber they can come out and make the temperature hotter than the recommended factory setting but this is not true. Many Longwood plumbing companies will not adjust the temperature because by raising the temperature it can cause severe burns and can open the plumbing company to lawsuits. If your hot water heater is not producing hot enough water this can mean that the heaters components may need to be replaced such as your elements. This plumbing repair should fix the problem and is relatively minor. If you notice very hot water coming from your water heater this is a sign that your thermostats may be going bad. Eventually the thermostat will go bad and you will be left with cold water. It is very important to keep your water heater working at its best and to do this you need to maintain the heater and service it once a year. This will help your heater last longer and also save energy. If you need a water heater repaired or replaced give us a call at (407) 710-0210. We can answer all your questions about your water heater and help you make the best choice.

Longwood Water Heater Repair
Longwood Water Heater Repair

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