Why Is My Toilet Rocking?

Toilet repairs are very complicated to handle. There are so many components to a toilet and it can be very frustrating to repair for a homeowner. The fact is there are so many different makes and models and with some toilet models you are able to use generic parts for a toilet repair. Some such as Kohler require you to use their repair parts and there are so many different parts for different toilets. So we are going to start with one of the most common toilet repair problems in the Longwood area and that is a rocking or loose toilet.

Many of our customers get aggravated with a rocking toilet and think they can just tighten the two bolts at the bottom of the bowl and fix it wrong. By doing this you are more than likely going to cause a bigger problem. If you over tighten the bolts you can break the flange. The flange is a plastic or cast iron part of your drainage system that allows you to bolt the toilet to the floor and connects the toilet to the plumbing system.

It is best to call a Longwood plumber to make the necessary plumbing repair. It could just be a bolt that slipped out of the track on the flange but it also could be a broken toilet flange. If the flange is broken the bolt will be loose and the toilet will not be secure to the floor and move or rock. If your toilet flange is broken your plumber will have to remove the broken flange and install a new one to prevent the toilet from rocking. If you have a toilet that needs repair please call us at 407-710-0210.


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